Schweitzer & Co. was established in 1920 by attorneys Daniel Schweitzer Speisky and Carlos Vicuña Fuentes, and later joined by Miguel Schweitzer Speisky, all of them deceased. Its present law firm structure begins in 1975 when its actual partners begin to join.

    Due to its founders’ great juridical, political and social experience as the one of its present partners the professional work of this law firm has always been linked to events and issues of national importance.
    Schweitzer & Co. is fundamentally structured around litigation where it has had widely recognized relevant participation in penal, commercial and civil litigation to which later was added corporate council as well as prevention and complex conflict solution together with arbitration and the development of international activity.
The new generation that has joined Schweitzer & Co. has developed its abilities in the present procedural legal reforms in criminal and labor legislation notwithstanding its activity in constitutional law, regulations and free trade.
    Given its size one of its principal characteristics is the personalized attention granted to its clients. This means that the client will always be counseled by one of the senior partners of the law firm who are all always informed of all matters all which constitutes a guaranty of seriousness and proficiency for whoever seeks their council and advice.
Last but not least given the importance that the law firm assigns to the value guided professional activity Schweitzer & Co. will always look for the correct solution which will most benefit the client.

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