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Schweitzer & Co. was founded in 1920 by lawyers Daniel Schweitzer Speisky and Carlos Vicuña Fuentes and joined later Miguel Schweitzer Speisky, today all deceased.Its configuration as a legal study begins the year 1975 when those who later became its partners begin to join, some of them remained permanently in their current structure, for the great political and social- legal experience of its founders, as well as that of always linked to traces of national events.
It was originally structured around litigation, where it has had a wide and recognized performance in criminal, commercial and civil litigation to later add the advice on corporate matters.as well as on regulatory matters, mediations and administrative and judicial defense in the health area and everything related to counseling and litigation in the workplace including collective bargaining.The new generation of lawyers that integrates Schweitzer and Cia. has developed their skills around corporate matters, real states, and the current legal procedural reforms, especially in labor law. Given its size, one of the main characteristics of this law office is the personalized attention to the client. This means that this will always be advised by one of the partners or by one of the lawyers in charge of the respective area, as they are permanently informed of all matters in the portfolio, which constitutes a guarantee of solvency and seriousness for those who require their advice and advice. On the other hand, given the importance and importance that is assigned to the professional aspect of the business, Schweitzer, and Cia. always look for the correct and quick solution that will most benefit the client.